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*There are limited number of spots for each workshop

*Remember to read carefully the terms (laws) that apply when accepting offers through this site

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Would you like your very own workshop?

I am happy to collaborate with you, and or help lead/guide a workshop or other event: as long as you do not live too far away (unless online event is preferred), and are willing to compensate me for my time and efforts.

Theme and focus can be agreed upon beforehand, whether you are interested in

*the law of i: the wo/man

*our innate abilities and potential for healing, growth and creating

*homoeopathy (group work for hobby-homoeopaths, a talk/lecture, making our own homoeopathic remedies, creative study of Materia Medica)

*or other areas that I have experience with (e.g. something you have come across on this website).

Indicative donation per individual:

NOK 777 - for events of 90 minutes or less; but, with few participants (less than four), I will ask for a donation total in agreement with you.

(Any expenses for space and material will be added on top.)

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