Bodily Life Force

“We are human BEINGs, not human THINKERs” Our natural way of life is exactly that: being — not thinking. Life-generating […]

Femininity, masculinity

Notice! Reflections I share in these writings are in many ways not politically correct, and can probably step on several […]

My heros

I have learnt so much during the past year! An extremely strange situation was needed for me to really embrace […]

Publication of Status

Continuous Publication of STATUS – Date of Publication: 23 February 2021 – Date of Verification: 26 February 2021 :Marianne-Borchgrevink: Claussen.© National […]


If anything, this “pandemic” has lead to – for me – a journey inwards, as much as outwards: two sides […]


What an intriguing documentary! KISS THE GROUND is currently available on Netflix. You can learn more about the film and […]

Our radiant lives

Are we conscious enough about what all our gadgets expose us to in everyday life? Is it safe to hold […]

Your Superfoods

I am really excited, having stumbled upon the treasure I have been looking for! Hurray! UNFORTUNATELY, YOURSUPER DO NOT SEEM […]