*Marianne lives at Bergaust Vestre, and this is where I receive people who want to work with me - if not Zoom is preferred

*FYI: the farm has a cat-resident that also live in the building where you are welcomed for you appointment

*Is this your first homoeopathy appointment? Please read through the descriptions of services, homoeopathy process and terms carefully before you book an appointment

*In doubt of whether homoeopathy/working with me is for you? Book a short chat, and I will address questions you have as best I can

(*Here is info regarding Covid-19)

Consultations homoeopathy

The indicative values are those that I consider as minimum (necessary) for the time and efforts I gift you

(A lot of my efforts for those booking homoeopathy consultations take place outside of the actual session, with analysis and research into indicated remedies)

I expect a donation in return for the work that I put in for you, but acknowledge that each of us have our own circumstances to consider: I invite you to allow your own integrity and life-situation guide you when choosing the value that you gift me - whether less, more or exactly the indicative value I present

I will not question your donation, and I will gift you my utmost efforts as outlined in the description of my services - no matter your capacity for donating

If you wish to offer other kinds of value (apart from money) in return for my services, please include this as a comment on booking, and I will get back to you on whether I can accept this or not

Discussion/guidance - natural health/subjects you wish to address