Bergaust Vestre

∼ Address: Bergaust Vestre, Narudvegen 242, 2386 Brumunddal

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∼ FYI: the farm has a cat-resident


  • If you choose to come to Bergaust Vestre for a session, you can also enjoy the calm environment close to nature - without disturbances (apart from the odd farming activity/tractor rumbling)
  • It is possible to combine a session with e.g. a hike up to Bjørgeberget - the footpath starts just behind our farm
  • I only accept visitors for sessions when I know we can find a place to be undisturbed


Natural health - close to nature

It feels right to invite wo/men to our sessions here in the open terrain, close to nature: with the swallows living in the upper parts of the building; the lilacs framing the view to Mjøsa and Brumunddal; the forests and fields... to me, this is far favourable compared to a room in a busy office building


The hills are easy-peasy on an electric bike, but if you want some exercise it is also doable on a regular bike!

The bus to Fossumfeltet snuplass depart about once every 30 minutes during the timeframe I receive visitors. The bus ride is about 6 minutes according to entur - where you can search for the bus routes corresponding with your appointment. From the bus stop it is a 10 minutes stroll up the gravel/dirt road to Bergaust Vestre: check the Google maps/the map on first, so you know where to go!

By car, it takes less than 10 minutes (same us the bus) to drive from Brumunddal city centre up to Bergaust Vestre. When you are faced with a barn with "Bergaust Vestre" displayed on the wall; and you see the old building from the 18th century a bit further up; you have arrived at the right place

You can park along the lilac hedge leading to the grand old building, or on the courtyard below (by the barn)

Struggling to find the way? Not sure if you have come to the right place? Want company for the last stretch?

Phone me, and I will come to greet you along the way! (See phone number in the confirmation email on booking)


To me, there are many advantages of working from home!

I can full take advantage of my breaks in-between sessions: a hike in the woods, weeding and watering the kitchen garden, make myself a smoothie, cuddle the cat when she comes by, barefoot grounding outside, moving my body, taking a breather, ...

All this helps me to touch base between appointments; clear my head; recharge my energy frequently during the day - to be more productive and grounded in everything I choose to devote my time to

When I feel more energised I can also be of greater assistance to those who seek my guidance!

Also, the "wrapping" of my offerings is no less than stunning here at Bergaust Vestre