Intro to the homoeopathy-resources on this platform

Intro homoeopathy-resources

Homoeopathy as a tool

Why keep a remedy-stock

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On this page I will share who this platform is intended for;

Why I share the various resources;

What you can gain from the resources offered here.

Here's information on sources I use.

Who is Marianne?

I am a woman who loves nature and the outdoors. I enjoy creative activities, cooking/preparing meals (using unprocessed nutritious food sources free of additives), ballgames, puzzles, crocheting, and spending time with loved ones. And, not least: I am passionate about natural approaches to optimising health and wellbeing!

Homoeopathy ∼ what, why, how?

Illustration showing a remedy vial and some species from nature

nature's gifts ⇔ homoeopathy

Whether I'm harvesting vegetables/herbs from the garden, mushrooms from the woods, berries/heather from the mountains, seaweed from the ocean... I'm thrilled by all the gifts that nature offers us. When we potentise these homoeopathically, we receive a lot of medicine from one single gift!

The aim of this platform

When I studied homeopathy, several of my fellow students were mothers, fathers and others who had experienced first hand how keeping a remedy stock, and knowing how to use it, made a huge difference for their own and their family members' health.

Enthralled by homoeopathy, they eagerly dived into homoeopathy studies to be able to help others: also for more comprehensive and chronic conditions.

Am I trying to recruit others to the study of homoeopathy? Well, it would surely be a welcome "side-effect" to have more wo/men with homoeopathy qualifications - in Norway and abroad... but that's not my driving force for putting together this platform;

What became clear to me when setting up my practice and offering homoeopathy services back home in Norway, having been part of a community in England where they have easy access to homoeopathy both at home and at numerous clinics, I quickly realised that it was quite a different landscape in my home country:

  • If I recommend one/more of the most known homeopathic medicines to someone reaching out for guidance, chances are that they don't have it in their own stock - and they're dependent on the distributers and sales points when it comes to the possibility of getting hold of them
  • If someone reaches out in a more acute situation, they're unlikely to keep any homoeopathy-stock to pick and choose from; most have to order the medicine(s) and wait for days or even weeks for them to arrive
  • If someone's at home in bed seeking guidance over the phone by way of an acute consultation, they're dependent on themselves - or someone they can reach out to - getting hold of the remedy; instead of helping themselves from their own stock
  • Most people I cross paths with aren't used to applying homoeopathy for their own or their loved ones' ailments - nor aware of this being a real, and sound, possibility

Therefore, I wish to contribute to spreading awareness of the possibilities that learning about homoeopathy entails - as an important complement, or main constituent, in one's first aid/wellness kit. Whether to shorten and alleviate sickness at home, or knowing which homoeopathic remedies to grab on the way to the ER/when travelling...

It's my strong conviction that most people can benefit from, and strengthen their health, by mastering the basic principles of using homoeopathy (and other self-realising/health-promoting approaches).

platform with resources


I wish to make available resources on this virtual platform that can function as a homoeopathy reference work when the need arises. The downloadable pdfs accompanying many of the resources also enable offline access to much of the content.
Illustration of woman studying homoeopathy

The content (resources) on this platform

Illustration showing a sun, with 10 keywords characterising homoeopathy

deep dives ⇔ cherry-picking

It's completely up to you how little or much you wish to make use of the content I share on the platform. That's also partly the reason that I present the various resources as I do, with to option of jumping  from one resource to the next; rather than a fixed setup (I do recommend/suggest some "next steps" at the end of some resources though, eg at the end of this one)

Og så videre?

Hvis du har fått nok homøopati-innsprøytning og ikke ønsker noen videre fordypning etter å ha dykket ned i ressursene på denne plattformen, så er det helt fint! hvis du ønsker å bestille deg flere oppslagsverk; fordype deg i ulike deler av homøopatien; eller kanskje til og med ta homøopatiutdannelse for å virkelig gå i dybden, og kanskje også tilby homøopatitjenester selv; ja, så får du noen tips og råd om dette når jeg setter sammen noen anbefalinger etter at alt annet innhold jeg planlegger er på plass.

Hva ?

Hvor skal du starte, spør du kanskje?
Vel, det kan du vurdere selv: hva er du mest nysgjerrig på å sjekke ut?
Jeg lar det være opp til deg hvordan du velger å bruke denne plattformen: så lenge du ærer og respekterer lovene for nettstedet, som du jo har godtatt ved å benytte deg av plattformen
Me at the top of a lookout tower in the forest

Neste steg ∼ forslag

Lurer du på om homøopati er noe du vil lære mer om? Da får du et godt overblikk ved å sjekke ut denne mini-guiden.

Vil du vite mer om homøopatiens fundament først? Da kan du gå videre til homøopatiens historie.

Vil du sjekke ut en av de mest brukte homøopatimedisinene? Da kan du starte med Arnica montana (Arn).

Har du glede og nytte av innhold jeg deler?

Jeg setter pris på din gave som takk for tiden og innsatsen min!

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