Bodily Life Force

"We are human BEINGs, not human THINKERs"

Our natural way of life is exactly that: being --- not thinking.

Life-generating awareness happens through being present in the body --- not in the mind.

Our thoughts are useful add-ons and tools --- but the mind is not the part of us we are meant to spend most of our lives in.

The body is the container - sensual media - guide - intuition --- showing us what/who/how we ARE

The mind, when allowed the driving seat, easily takes over and distracts us away from the body --- this very body which is meant to guide us in a life filled with ease

When distracted away from the body, the body is forced to compensate for all the signals that we are thereby ignoring.

Ease and abundance of life-generating energy is stagnated, replaced by exertion, struggle and tension.

If we allow this to continue long enough, the body has to ramp up its cries for attention - back where it belongs: the body.

The body's cries --- in form of symptoms, aches, weariness --- illness (dis-ease) --- alerts us to which parts of us are in greatest need of our attention;

Which parts of us that are blocked from the influx, flow and radiance of energy - of life force - of love;

That are in greatest need of us laying a hand (or who) on them --- maybe with the eyes closed, while observing the breath --- and directing our attention on them --- and, in full acceptance, observe what we feel - what comes to the surface - what needs to be seen, before being able to let go and allow (greater) room for the life-generating / regenerative / self-realising energy which is meant to circulate there;

The energy that we have, un/consciously and or distractedly, cut off when allowing ourselves to spend most (or all) of our being (thinking) solely in the mind.

How alien it seems, when we finally decide to gag the monkey in the head for a while --- attempting, maybe fumbling in the beginning, to get to know the part - the most important part - of us, which has been ignored for so long;

Because of conditioning (lies) regarding what brings us forwards and up in the world / society --- fear of reactions when expressing our truth and embody (live out) our true potential --- what others tell us, or force onto us, as the "correct" way of being (thinking).

Where is all this coming from?


But not without guidance --- clarity --- raw honesty --- from several sources, but mostly from Chris Bale.

I have felt the content he shares resonate with me ever since stumbling upon his messages at the beginning of this year, making me fully aware that I have work to do regarding my feminine energy --- and the way in which I engage with life;

Which has turned out to be, up until now, tough - confronting - unpleasant - vulnerable - relentless - necessary - but not least, (life-/energy-)regenerative.

It is truly enriching to decide to meet oneself (the body) fully --- with all the vulnerability, humbleness and acceptance that we can muster;

Even though the traumas - delusions - pains - (constrictive) patterns - demand great self-love, and patience, when they are finally allowed their rightful place in our consciousness --- and can finally be let go of --- and can finally allow space for the life-giving energies that our bodily presence - being - is meant to overflow us with.

Time, must be delegated to this work. It is not done in a jiffy, quieting the voices / identities in the mind, and being fully aware of the body --- all the sensations, signals, energies --- with the (overwhelming) enrichment which follows:

The grateful feeling of lovingly stroking parts of the body that have been mishandled (ignored / disliked) for so many years, with powerful hands - our true healers - when our attention is no longer stolen away in distractions;

The calm, ease, tingling - when the pace is reduced to a minimum, and not increased until the bodily awareness manages to keep up.



Nope, I am not there yet!

... but I am starting to sense / gain a knowing of what all this actually means for me --- how I actually navigate the ability of being more than thinking --- how I, as a woman, can open more to my powerful feminine energy (life-generating love) ---

--- how I can meet, and surrender (more) to, the conscious / clear / safe / steering masculine energy (generative consciousness) of my man (--- and also balance these energies within myself)

And I am rejoicing all that it gifts me!

(Which is the reason for wishing to share about it here --- in case you fell the pull towards your own process)

When I can enjoy, sensually, such a daily routinely necessity as the sensation of my bladder freeing urine that pleasantly flows through my urethra and leaves the body when I allow it to --- I know that my consciousness has, at least partly, shifted from the crowding thoughts of my mind to my sensing / feeling body.

When I dare to trust that it is not only safe, but necessary, to feel the scary - uncomfortable - sensations / feelings that rise to the surface --- and not be intimidated / escape up into the mind, away from the body --- I experience how the love, and acceptance, I gift to myself - by allowing all parts of me to be seen - gives me even greater power / energy / courage;

As long as I am within safe boundaries --- as long as I dare to be honest - say no when I feel no, say yes when I feel yes --- as long as I choose to express myself, and share of what I have to give, only to the/those individual(s) I know (feel) will receive me --- as I am learning to receive myself

A fluctuating dance

One day, I am "lazy"

I move slooowly, feeling like spending hours only registering / feeling / touching myself.

The other day I am in a state of greater "vigour"

I increase the pace somewhat, do more, but not too much - so that I can still be aware of my body, and where I direct my attention

(--- not that I always succeed fully in staying present in my body, but I can, with increasing ease, recognise when I am being distracted, and - at least partly - return to my body ---)

But I understand so much more clearly --- in a meaningful way --- why I, at times, feel slow / lazy (but not weary, exhausted, in the same way I have experienced in the past) --- now that my body, FINALLY, is allowed the opportunity to direct my energy towards addressing all the baggage I have stored;

So that I can feel the freer flow of energy, when yet another piece is cleared away ...

It is like a whole new way of being, to me - and I love it!

Whether I will ever reach the point that I, as Chris Bale describes it, fully live in ease, barely needing to sleep at night because my body is (mostly) in constant resting-mode, I do not know;

But so far I am really happy with the journey I have embarked upon, and feel no urge to turn around ... I whole-heartedly choose being over thinking.