I have constantly found references these past years, to our innate abilities for healing ourselves: the body's amazing ways of ensuring we stay in balance - or regain balance as quickly as possible.

I recognise this from my homoeopathy studies, with countless examples of Samuel Hahnemann focusing on supporting the body's innate abilities when developing homoeopathy as it is today (the "classical" approach, that is).

I have also been inspired by Kelly Brogan early on, in relation to dealing with psychological health issues through self-healing: without pharmaceuticals/allopathic medications - but rather weaning oneself off of these, and then resorting to nutrition/natural approaches and inner work to regain balance.

Sayer Ji writes about the "new biology", and how increasingly numerous phenomenon are discovered - of the various knacks and tricks beheld by our bodies (and nature in general): e.g. that the mitochondria in our cells hold potential energy on the level of a ray of lightening (or something along those lines - I do not have his book Regenerate in front of me at the moment); and that our cells are able to convert elements into each other! Wow, huh?

Thomas Cowan has really made a substantial chink in the unquestioned armour supplied by "teachings" ... We think we know so much, thereby limiting ourselves to only explore what we think we do not know. His book about the heart changed my view of this organ, with convincing reasoning that finds me agreeing with Cowan that our hearts are not "pumps" after all; and that the fourth fase of water seems to play an enormous part both inside our bodies, and in nature as a whole.

Kim Anami refers to our innate abilities, which far exceeds scopes of the general (taught) notions, in several of her podcast episodes. She focuses on sex as one of the most important entryways to generating more of our creative live force energyChris Bale talks of the same, though in a differing "pace" and "tone": focusing on slowing down, removing distractions (screens, stress), putting our hands to our bodies and listening;

Which is something I have incorporated into my beingness a lot more after taking part in the women circles held by Renate Guldbrandsen. Listening inwards, to what my body communicates to me. Placing one hand on my heart, one on my belly - whenever the body or mind (or both) feel like they are running somewhat amok.

Then there is Oracle Girl. I have listened to her a lot these past years, and find her fascinating - as she touches something in the depths of my being: giving rise to a feeling of truth, insights and realness in her communications. A lot of the time Jacqueline Hobbs (aka Oracle Girl) refers to exactly what I am reflecting on in this text: our self-healing and (energetically) purifying abilities, without the need for external interventions/authorities --- we have the answers inside ourselves, when we hook onto nature's frequencies.

I have "consumed" a lot of content: others' experiences, viewpoints, advice, guidance, tips and tricks. I become inspired - dive into various issues - at times immerse myself completely, maybe even drown for a while - before I break the surface and manage to acknowledge what has been incorporated in me as valuable wisdom, and what is not resonating with me.

One great learning these past few years, has been finding my own trust in myself. Trust me more. Realising that everyone - whether young, old, unemployed, "expert", entitled "authority" figures, the average wo/man on the street - are all human beings: individuals with their own inner world; individuals with their own struggles, internal and external; and, what rings true, real, right for others - whether an expert or seemingly "ignorant" - may not necessarily ring true for me.

The course Law for Mankind, and much of the reasoning in Larken Rose's book The Most Dangerous Superstition, makes it even clearer to me that the (fear driven) almost complete delegation of responsibility to outer authorities contributes to my doubt of myself and my own power. This has changed to a great extent with all the self-confrontations/-realisations these past years, with yet some lengths to go: though I am now braver - less afraidless doubtful.

I trust my inner guidance more: my gut feeling, my heart, what brings me passion and joy, what makes my insides cringe and squirm. And I increasingly believe in the importance of complete mutual respect of each other's freedom (of both choices and actions).

I wish for less complaining and excuses aimed at the wo/man we allow to act as if they have greater authority than you and me. I wish for greater belief in each and every one of us being the absolute authority of our own lives, with the possibility of choosing/acting the way we want - in line with nature's principles, and without causing other wo/men (or other wo/men's property) harm.

What does that mean? I invite you to place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly; close your eyes; direct your attention inwards; and feel into what it means to you. I can only speak for myself - though I gladly inspire/support/collaborate with others.

As these realisations grow stronger in me, my belief in each and every one of us being able to heal ourselves also increases - without the need for anything outside ourselves, but with the option of choosing it/them if we wish to.

If I, or a loved one, are involved in an accident, I am extremely grateful for the service of wo/men with knowledge of how to fix mechanical physical injuries to our bodies - through mastering emergency medicine and surgery: though I will still complement these with the natural approaches I know of (or derive at in each incident).

But if the ailment is not a mechanical or physical one, my growing conviction is that we can gain the most from directing our attention inwards: what have we been missing? what is communicated from our inner authority? what does it feel like inside the body now, and which feelings/energies need to be acknowledged and moved/expressed?

Patienceself-lovesupport/guidance from other(s), but without surrendering our own authority/responsibility - looking out into nature whilst also looking inwards into our own nature - I believe is the ultimate source of greater insight, knowledge, growth and self-realisation.

I have read Jill Bolte Taylor's book “My Stroke of Insight“.

She has also shared thoughts and insights in this Ted Talk.

She says (among other things):

“I am an energy being, connected to all of the energy around me.” 

“We are all energy beings, connected to each other through the consciousness of our right hemispheres – one human family.” 

She explains how the left hemisphere thinks linearly, focusing on the past - future - details: I am, separate.

She also says:

“We are the life-force-power of the Universe – with two cognitive minds” –> “At one with all that is” (right)  vs. separate from the flow” (left) –> “Which do you chose, and when?”

There is great focus on research - clearly defined answers - "this is true", "this is not true", "this is impossible": whilst research also shows how phenomena change and are affected by who/what/whether there is an observer!

So, how can we place absolute in/validity on anything, if we are not experiencing/observing it for ourselves? And even then, how can we know that we are not directing the phenomena ourselves?

Perhaps it is not so crazy, the notions of us creating our own realities? Is it rather our self-limiting conclusions of what is possible - derived from what we have learnt (from "authorities" outside ourselves) - that limit us in creating the lives we wish for? Do we need to let go of these "answers" given by others, to open up to possibilities that are in line with our own beingness?

Juts look at Liz Taylor's experience, having recovered from a stroke; with her conventional medical training and knowledge of how a brain works, and what a human body is; then, she has a stroke - and am left with insights through a (up until then) suppressed part of  her consciousness/senses