Introduction from Homoeopathy, or not homoeopathy?

"The years I studies at the School of Homoeopathy (SOH) were challenging, and incredibly fulfilling. My horizon expanded - more than it already had through my own health challenges: and  the numerous conventional, and eventually "alternative" (natural), approaches I sought out.

My view of health, life, freedom became bigger - more "magical"? Not as in hokus-pokus, but as in the wondrous acknowledgement of our beingness here on earth encompassing so much more, as part of nature, than I have learnt growing up; when initiated into all the systems we have created in our societies, to "manage" us all ..."

For if we do not keep ourselves in check, what then? If we did not choose that every day consists of the same blocks, within the same framework, what then? If we asked ourselves, every morning on waking, what and who we wish to devote ourselves to today, what then?

I think a lot along these lines nowadays, and feel an excitement about greater freedom; whilst, at the same time, believe less that everything around us would become utter chaos - brutality - violence - if we let go of all these fixed frameworks ... I find the "concept" of anarchy intriguing: of there being no "leader"/"authority" that we all have to answer to, if we do not wish to:

If i prefer to follow the examples of, and accept orders from, another wo/man, great! As long as i choose to, and feel that it is according to my own values and wishes. But if i do not wish to, who has the authority to then force me into anything? With what right, as born on this earth as equals?

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!" "In for a penny, in for a pound!"

Sure. But, what if you no decide that it no longer serves you or your loved ones that the heat is being turned up around you? Or if you decide that, actually, i would rather quit after the penny - it is not aligned with my values to stay for the pound ... (These phrases may not work as well in this context as i intended, finding an English translation from the Norwegian, but bear with me;) Should you then be forced?

Do not you decide over your body, your life, your property? Should another wo/man acting as a public servant within the systems that men and women have created (and that we mostly accept to act within, with no further reflection), decide over you and yours, when they are, strictly speaking, your brothers/sisters in our great family of mankind?

If we play monopoly, we agree on certain rules of the game, and if someone does not abide by these we are annoyed: but no one locks us up and deprives us of our freedom because of it (unless we become violent, and others have to defend agains our extremely poor-looser-spirit). We can decide, at any point, to rise from the board and declare that "i am not playing any more" - and the other players have to respect that.

If i choose to not act within the systems that men and women have created by way of societal structures; and i do no harm to other wo/men or their property; then, i am "leaving the board", and can therefore not be treated as a player --- as long as i give notice that "i am not playing anymore", and you: the wo/man; can not expect that i: a woman; will accept threats, harm and trespass without seeking remedy in the form of compensation from you.

I am learning to present the law of i: the woman. And, i am learning to give notice to other wo/men when they may be about to commit trespass upon i, so that they can honourably stop their actions, or honourably provide remedy to i the woman, and so that i, and the wo/man, can remove all controversy between us - forgiving the party that have done harm; or by way of meeting at a court of law to press our claims - where the true claim, based in statements of facts and evidence, is recognised.

I am sure not everyone will resonate with me on this. But that is fine. I do not need to chime in with everyone. I know many will feel into the importance - trueness - realness - for themselves. And i do not believe that all of us have the same inner truths, or that we are meant to learn the same things through our experiences in life: each life is unique! And we are unique manifestations of the rich nature that we are a part of - the way i see it.

I: a woman; am learning to present the law of i: the woman.

What does that mean?

I choose to start by telling you how i arrived here. Or, actually, i will start by describing what "here" is, and then you can decide whether you feel like reading on, or not.

I dissolved my company over a year ago. I do not wish to act as a business owner, or under any other title. I wish to offer what i feel that i have to offer, as a woman. As a woman i am equal with all other wo/men - no matter which title s/he is acting under. As a woman i have the right to choose and act as i see fit, as long as i do not harm any other wo/man or their property. As i woman i have the right to property. As a woman i have the right to decide (present laws) for the property of i: the woman; whether the body of i, the child of i, the car of i, the house of i, the money of i, the work of i, etc.

As a woman i choose whether i wish to act as various titles, e.g. citizen, person, physical person, employee, business owner, driver, tax payer, etc. But if i, as a woman, wish to be honourable in my choices and actions, i have to give notice to other wo/men of the law of i: the woman; to avoid trespass from other wo/men, and to make remedy for any trespass that i may have done upon other wo/men.

I can choose to act as an employee receiving income, and thereby consent to paying income tax: which is part of the criteria for acting as an employee/receiver of income.

I can choose to consent to paying property tax, when consenting to act as a person or physical person - as most legal acts/statutes/rules refer to.

But i can also choose to not act as a person, and or employee. I can e.g. give notice to the wo/men acting as the head of the various businesses that carry out governmental functions and public services that i: the woman; am acting as an employee and thereby consent to paying income tax, but that the property of i, has not had any income and therefore i, will not pay any property tax.

This is, in very simplified terms, where "here" is - with a few examples. But the path up until "here" has been winding:

When it became clear, back in 2020, that various means are applied by those acting as governmental representatives (with titles higher in the hierarchy than other persons, but still lower in a hierarchy than those stripping away titles and interacting as men and women) to manipulate citizens/persons to act obediently towards those orders being given, i felt a lot of fear - frustration - powerlessness: as i have not agreed with much of the orders coming from these public servants.

Various sources of knowledge about how we have arrived to a place where governmental figures can decide/rule over our lives - our choices and actions - kept appearing within my horizon: and i immersed myself in lots of it. At the same time, sources of knowledge that challenged even more of the aspects that i have "divorced myself from" the past ten years popped up within my reach, relating to (natural) health and freedom. So i felt the rebel within me begin to stir.

But it is uncomfortable for a "good girl", who has always been shy and anxious about doing/saying anything wrong, to feel the inner rebel wanting to challenge those telling my how to live my life: especially when those instructing me seem so mighty and powerful.

The rebel stirs even more when i learn about natural law from various sources. And then i learn about "living life claims", that can free those men and women who want, from having to act within certain conditions within the various jurisdictions (land/property laws, water/maritime laws/commerce, air/trust law), and reclaim ownership over their strawmen/persons (ref. the social security number we are all acting as in relation to the government/public services).

Maybe this is the solution for me? To learn more about what all this entails? The internal rebel is getting excited, and i can see a glimmer of solutions for those instances where other wo/men acting under titles may attempt to directly or indirectly force me, or those i love, to act obediently - even if contrary to our own wishes and values.

Next to the rebel, the obedient and fearful little girl is scared. Anxious. Dejected. But i keep at it: because i will not be forced, if there are ways to avoid it. So, i acquire a living life claim, with the help from other women and men who know more about this than me. But now what? I can send these documents to the women and men acting as governmental figures, but i do not feel convinced: i do not understand all about the different jurisdictions, even though i have read a lot about it, and seen numerous webinars. I do not feel safe or empowered, though these tools probably can be of help if i use them right. I have not yet confronted, or owned, the fear that the little obedient and fearful girl is feeling. And i do not know how to do it.

Then i find the Sovereigns Way, and the Law for Mankind (LFM) course. Exciting.

I do not need to learn all about the various jurisdictions, or keep a red, blue and purple pen with me at all times? I do not need to walk around with a living life claim to show to those wo/men acting as government agents, when i feel that the rights of i: the woman, are being trespassed upon?

It is so simple. But not easy. Just like the other stuff i now feel increasingly more passionate about: that we have everything we need, within ourselves: whether related to health - freedom - co-creation; but it is not easy to peel away the layers that need attention before this power can flow freely. But with the simple steps that LFM presents, i feel safe enough - and the little scared girl feels steady enough - to make some first attempts at confronting what i experience as hindrances in my own life: evnen though it is scary, and the first steps are both hesitant and wobbly.

Then, they are deciding to add VAT to homeopathy, and other health services that the wo/men acting as public servants deem less necessary than other health services. Am i really going to go along with that? Having to charge those who seek my help an increase of 25%, that is to be given to the governmental apparatus without me having any direct influence as to how these monetary values are to be used?

If i continue to offer services as a homoeopath, and business owner, i have to: i have then consented to it. So, that is my first step into integrating the law of i into my life: i choose to no longer act under titles. I: a woman; offer services and resources to other men and women, with no titles, and thereby without having given my consent to act within the framework that i myself have not taken part in creating.

I receive compensation for the work of i, but no income for any job. If i need fo find a job in the future, then i might well do so; but i can still choose to work as a woman alongside any employment as it is i: the woman; who choose when i wish to act as part of "the game we are acting in", and when i wish to interact as a woman beyond any board, court or rules of play (which would not even exist if we did not choose to engage with it - this fiction that that we all mostly agree on acting within).

I encounter other men and women who are taking the course, some in Norway. But i also encounter other men and women who have not taken the course - but who would love to gain the same knowledge, if the content was in Norwegian.

I do not wish to create my own course in Norwegian, with what i have learnt: as it would not do justice to the knowledge, as it is still being integrated within me - and the course is complete as it is, in the original format, in my experience; just the right quantity, simplicity, depth, inspiration, confrontation ... So, i may instead take part in translating the course into Norwegian, so that those who wish to embark on it can wait for that work to be completed (though it will take a while).

Either way, i can offer conversation and reflection around these subjects: without any course material to give you, but with my own experiences so far. I am willing to share, from my own understanding. I am willing to hold workshops, if of interest. Reach out if you want to arrange a workshop; find a suitable time if you want a session 1:1; for addressing the stuff i have shared here, or other aspects you see that i am passionate about through the content i share.

If this does not resonate with you, that is completely fine! We are all unique, and i respect you and your choices - as long as you cause no harm to other wo/men or their property; as i expect other wo/men to respect me and my choices. I am passionate about the freedom to choose - without any use of force, threats, punishment or intimidation: when there is no harm done towards others (or others' property). Is that too much to ask?