If anything, this "pandemic" has lead to - for me - a journey inwards, as much as outwards: two sides of the same coin?

I have been on journeys like this before. In many ways, the whole life is a journey like this? With waves of peaks and seeming abysses. With questions, with answers - that may raise yet more questions.

Accompanied by realisations of what is experienced as closer to my inner truth. Accompanied by unpleasant challenges that shake my previous truths, which then must be put aside in favour of new experiences and wisdom.

All this is subjective? But with objective facets? I am not that concerned with labels and definitions like these, but rather with what is experienced as real - right - truthful - earthly - for oneself. For myself.

My transition from only knowing "regular medicine", to realising that there are (to me) more real forms of medicine and approaches to health - was challenging; but extremely nourishing and rewarding, with all it provided me in regards to experiencing sovereignty and ownership of my health and wellbeing: with numerous health-promoting tools I had never previously encountered.

Simply the fact that we can decide to take greater responsibility for which thoughts we allow ourselves to think, that in turn influence the emotions we allow ourselves to feel into, that in turn affects how we interact with nature and the planet (which we are all a part of) - and in turn how we experience health ...

This was all new for me back then - in the midst of my own health challenges.

Should not all this be part of what we learn, simply by living and experiencing? In what ways are experiential truths suppressed in our lives? I can point to several ways, for my own part, bur my thoughts on this are not necessarily the same as yours - so I would rather invite you to reflect on this yourself, rather than inflict mine upon you.

Since March I have encountered - to me - important voices and sources to a kind of awakening: further realisations of inflictions that are part of shaping my own understanding of reality:

Zach Bush MD has taught me a lot (more) about how viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi - all microorganisms we live in symbiosis with - are highly necessary to sustain life. He has also taught me a lot about the connection between toxins we allow into food production; mechanical processing of food soils; other chemicals we allow into our bodies and environment - and the development of chronic (and acute) illnesses.

This seems obvious to me now: but it did not, to the same extent, previously.

When I also dive into books referencing occurrences and people from the past, that contributed to shaping - among other things - today's conventional medicine and the general perception of "war on disease", it becomes clear to me that we have allowed ourselves to be misguided by currents which are solely based on theories: without these theories being proven as correct beyond any shed of doubt.

On the contrary, other historic events and people have been suppressed and or overlooked; which could have contributed wonders for our lives on the planet if these were the ones brought to light.

  • Béchamp or Pasteur? A lost chapter in the history of biology (Ethel D. Hume with preface by R. Pearson)
  • What really makes you ill? Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong (Dawn Lester and David Parker)
  • The invisible rainbow: A history of electricity and life (Arthur Firstenberg)

I am not afraid of microorganisms (any more), as long as I experience my body and mind as well-balanced - in a life-sustaining symbiosis with these very same microorganisms, that I try to consciously interact with in everyday life.

The fact that we can find numerous "safe", as well as "dangerous", viruses and bacteria in all living humans' bodies, is to me a clear sign that these viruses and bacteria are not the problem: the environment they live in - our bodies - is the deciding factor for whether they coincide with us in harmony, or whether they are forced to adapt to a toxic environment.

I therefore prefer to not make use of measures I experience as invading, in the name of medicine, declaring war on my most important collaborators: I rather prefer to create a healthy environment for them, and for my own human-cells, by making conscious choices about what I put into - and on to - my body.

I increasingly feel an urge to take full responsibility for my own health, and my life. I increasingly wish that we all accept greater responsibility for our healths, and our lives: with a common goal of helping each other through compassion, love, unity and financial means - in (local) communities.

I increasingly feel a need to distance myself from systems - authorities - restrictions to the freedom we are born with as living men and women on earth, with basic natural rights on our side.

I therefore admire men and women who have been labeled as rebels and selfish after having cut their ties to the guardianships that we are given no free choice of whether or not to submit to.

But maybe there are other ways to regain the same freedom? Maybe everything that happens in the world in these times are part of universal changes, about to manifest on our planet, contributing to greater freedoms for us all?

Acephali takes measures that to me are very exciting, inducing independence; and communicates values and notions of reality that I can recognise in myself, and resonate with in my own electromagnetic field - yes, I increasingly recognise that we, as living beings, are not constituted of physical entities put together following a set recipe: but are radiating parts of a shared consciousness that has everything to gain from increased intimacy and interaction with our planet - and the magnetic field of our dear Mother Earth.

Are we not, in reality, living women and men of the earth, more than fictional "legal persons" who interact within a system of authoritarian agencies - based on an assigned social security number, which strictly speaking is a security document?

Should not each and every one of us be in our full rights to live on a part of the land, in an organic and regenerative way, to create shelter, food and safety for ourselves, without the existence of a looming threat that the right to use it can be taken from us; if authoritarian powers on behalf of the state/government - the fictional legal enterprises created to protect the wellbeing of men and women of the land - find it convenient?

Should we not have our own say in which virtues we wish to be part of creating in communities, through contributing the values we spend energy creating; rather than being forced by the system to give up values - according to the system's established principles?

These musings have led me to solutions communicated by two men. You may find as much freedom in the knowledge they share as I do, in their online course The Sovereign's Way. I particularly like their approach because on their focus on our own responsibility - instead of blaming the system as kind of enslaver and prison guard.

If we do not wish to consent to the system(s), we have to stop operating under titles and fictional legal entities - and start living as men and women: taking full responsibility for our own lives, properties and actions; and the consequences of them.

We have to treat our public servants with respect and gratitude for their efforts, but without giving up on our own rights as men and women - being conscious of what this entails.

I do not know what the answer is in the bigger picture. I do not know exactly what a fully free existence for all living humans on this planet would look like. Sure, it would likely be chaotic at first - without the systems we are so used to being programmed to submit to for our entire lives.

But is it not or current reality quite chaotic? Does it make sense that a handful of people lay claim to greater shares of values, than entire continents and populations? That our resources, which could have been enough for all of us if not claimed by a few, are ruled over by a system - rather than compassion and love leading to a helpful hand, and natural distribution to the ones in greatest need of them?

My feeling is not that the solution is abiding by rules and regulations that we have not been part of forming, for our entire lives. After the chaos, maybe we will find our way to a truly free experience for all living humans on earth: where natural law and rights are enough to guide us, and technologies can be solely used to create more value for us all, with all the benefits - and at the same time addressing the possible harmful effects?

Are we in the midst of this chaos now? The chaos needed to change the way the entire planet - and the planet's population - exist and live our lives? Are not apparently chaotic conditions necessities, in order to make changes in the type of existence that has dominated for so long - with nothing but enforced silent consent from us as living beings?

The Solari Report is another source I have stumbled upon, which addresses a lot of interesting issues: Catherine Austin Fitts used to work in the administration of USA's government, and she shares from her knowledge of financial systems - and the possibility of living free and inspired lives. Among other things she discusses her own realisations of possibilities that already exist: if the economy was shaped in a different way, we could all have been living in great abundance! So what is stopping us? Yup, the systems we abide by today.

It has been a tough time for many, and still is. To me I have found great comfort, help and inspiration in networks on social media - with likeminded individuals who confirm that I am not alone in thinking along these lines; lines that collide so forcefully with what is proclaimed by our mainstream media outlets.

In a time where modern book-burning takes place on social media, in the form of censoring expressed opinions, it feels comforting to know that an increasing number of individuals do not accept the information being spoon-fed to us without asking questions: especially as the information is served without any true public debate, or clarifications regarding the knowledge used as reasoning for stripping away our freedoms.

Oracle Girl has been, and still is, yet another source I am grateful to have stumbled upon: giving me hope and meaning in the midst of a situation that so quickly can flip to an experience of complete powerlessness for me as a living being. I feel safer when strengthening my understanding of being a free living woman on earth, balancing the fear I feel when confronting what I perceive as brutal abuses of power.

I choose to focus on what - to me - is a better future: a positive future; where each man and woman recognise that we are sovereign and free, responsible for our own lives, in community with other men and women, according to natural law - where state systems and submission to legal rules shaped by the few becomes obsolete.

I choose to believe that we will emerge from the current situation strengthened, as free and sovereign: without freedoms being taken away form us when declining "the offer" of medicalisation (gene therapy) and submission to a technocracy.

I do not consent to Agenda 21 and 30/the implementation of smart cities/technologies that have not been proven safe (5G)/surveillance/injections in my own body. I retract any consent to being used as a state resource by way of my birth certificate and social security number: I claim this right of use as my own. Whether I chose to interact with the system, and enter into contracts with the system, is - as a woman - my own choice, and no one else's: even if the system no longer sheds light on this right (or will it, if I demand it to do so?).

These musings are part of my own process, that I choose to share out of love: as they may resonate with others' bodies and minds. While writing these words I consider it a draft: raw materials representing my state of recognition - which keep changing these days. There may well be changes, updates and deletions - according to my own inner truths and needs.