Documentaries of the month

Nah, I do not intend to start a "documentary of the month"-sequence...

But, I have recently seen two documentaries that blew me away! And I would like to share them with you, in case you have not come across them yet.

What story are you telling yourself? Lean back - liberate yourself - become aware of all the positive; what you wish to create - thereby changing the story you tell yourself...

The Wisdom of Trauma

I have come across Gabor Maté before, but never really looked into his approach. Now I have seen a documentary that is truly inspiring when it comes to dealing with everything we carry with us: patterns and coping mechanisms from we are young - that we bring into our lives onwards.

Here is the trailer for the documentary The Wisdom of Trauma:

You can get access to the whole documentary for 48 hours on this website, by donating as little/much as you prefer.


Some of my take-home-messages

Trauma = wounds (from Greek)

  • An open wound is very sensitive to pain, as long as it is not healed: e.g. a sore psychological/emotional point in the body and mind
  • Scar tissue has no nerve endings: it does not feel, it is not flexible - thereby it is rigid an unfeeling/numb, without the ability to grow
  • Both these aspects are present as part of the traumas we carry with us

So trauma = the wounds we have suffered. Or, as Gabor Maté says it:

Trauma is an overwhelming threat that you do not know how to deal with. So, trauma is not the bad things that happen to you, but what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you

A few more quotes, for reflection:

Cancer develops in those who have a hard time expressing healthy anger 

Emotions arise out of people when they are not afraid of the truth 

There is so much more wisdom in what he communicates and shares ... but I invite you to seek out content that resonates with you, rather than me including it all here.

The Illusion of Money

Kyle Cease is another man I resonate greatly with! His combination of humour and "simple" (but not necessarily easy) messages of how to live more in line with our passions, with less effort, feel both inspirational and liberating to me.

Here is the trailer for the documentary The Illusion of Money:

The whole documentary can be watched for free through this website, where you gain access after registering your email (you can easily unsubscribe from the newsletters you receive later, if you wish).


Some of my take-home-messages

  • Money ≠ freedom: when you have money, you get scared of loosing it. You cannot create freedom outside of yourself!
  • What brings you passion?
  • Be in the now - not in the past or future
  • Take in, and receive, the fact that we are enough - right now: this minute, now, can change everything!
  • Listen, in silence. The chaos will settle down - and when it has, there is room for complete experience of wholeness, freedom, connection: which is how we are meant to feel, all of the time
  • Stop chasing! Let go of effort! When we choose effort, we deny what is meant to take care of us
  • What we are afraid of hitting ("rock bottom") is actually where we find the greatest opportunities for growth: do not sacrifice your soul for guaranteed safety
  • Exciting/passionate + scary → bigger → ceases to be work, as we are allowing ourselves to do what we love
  • Pay attention to feelings. Listen deeply → insight. If it feels good/exciting, but unknown, trust it! Create from a new level - abundance for yourself, and for the world at large
  • When we chose to do something from a new calling - acting from a new dimension - there are ripples: the univers changes the world through you, when you say yes to insights coming your way
  • How can you put more love into the world in a bigger way? And, at the same time be open to receive love yourself?
  • Lean back - allow - and it will take off ... Listen to the (next) calling: for each tiny leap, you move closer towards the expansion of your soul ⇔ freedom ⇔ connection ⇔ abundance
  • We are made of the energy that loves us/each other. Lets bring the love that we are, into our lives and the planet
  • Humans healing themselves and the planet → manifestation of ideas! Give ourselves, and others, permission: it is your dream, and you get to have it!
  • The illusion of money is smaller than what I am