My heros

I have learnt so much during the past year!

An extremely strange situation was needed for me to really embrace the urge for digging into various sources; different explanations and views on the current conditions in society; (further) truths regarding health, sickness and conventional medicine; and more.

Before reading the rest of this article I recommend spending 4-5 minutes of your time watching the lovely video called "This Great Change" from Dr Jacqueline Hobbs - also known as Oracle Girl.

I have read books, seen numerous podcasts and interviews, sought out websites and media (some of which have been censored), enrolled in courses, and not least: undertaken changes in my own life - according to the newly incorporated truths in my own perception of reality.

As I know several of these are not that available to the average individual - as it takes more detective work than scrolling through mass media's feeds, which many do not have either the time or motivation for - I wish to present you with a few of my (old and new) heros below.

First, though, I want to include a documentary produced by Shawn Stevenson, about the  use of face masks. (Spoiler-alert: pretty fragile foundation for claiming that mask use is beneficial - and quite substantial documentation of the opposite!)

Zach Bush MD

What a wise, humble and inspiring man!

With his background as conventional doctor; with several specialist fields of education; Zach Bush has greatly contributed to anchoring my understanding of human beings - us - as completely connected to nature; among other things, microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites).

E.g. it is quite illuminating when Zach Bush starts one of his presentations reflecting on the Oxford Dictionary's definition of nature: as plants, animals and things in the universe that are not manmade. We place ourselves, as human beings, apart from nature. On this fundamental level we are distancing ourselves from nature (before proceeding to the view of health and disease as a war with nature - the very same nature we are actually part of).

In one of his presentations Zach Bush explains how glyphosate in pesticides can be tightly connected with disease (also more serious diseases like cancer), documented with references to research, mapping, correlations and epidemiology. (This aspect is also referred to by Dr Thomas Cowan, who I present for you next.)

The work of Zach Bush involves fronting regenerative, organic agriculture; promoting health through detoxification and interaction with natural soils teeming with the microorganisms we depend on; empathy, love and conquering our (unfounded?) fear of death.

I warmly recommend visiting his website, as well as watching these reflections on the previous year 2020 - in light of the preceding decades:

Also, as Zach Bush sheds light on, did you know we can even predict what type of cancer our bodies are prone to developing - based on what bacteria we lack in our bodies? Take a look at this presentation of the impact on glyphosate on our bodies, but more importantly, on the microorganisms we depend on:

Dr Thomas Cowan

This man presents intriguing theories, established truths and new currents to share with anyone willing to listen!

Thomas Cowan was one of the first I heard talk about the fundamentally wrong view of microorganisms as our vicious enemies. It is enriching, shocking, frustrating and liberating all at the same time. Most of all he helped me come to grips with why I could not get the common narrative in the previous year to make sense - and that my gut feeling can be trusted (for my own part, at least).

I am really looking forward to embarking on two of Thomas Cowan's books:

  • The Contagion Myth
  • Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor's Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

The first mentioned also specifically addresses the Covid-19 pandemic, having shook the everyday lives of the world population.

The second book I have read the first chapter of, through Thomas Cowan's website: and I am eager to read the rest of it! In it Dr Cowan explains, with reference to research and models that (at best) can be viewed as accepted dogmatic theories, how our perception of the heart as a pump is severely lacking in relation to reality.

On the contrary; experiments, models and (partly suppressed) knowledge demonstrates that our hearts, and circulation of blood, can be understood more deeply from completely different established facts: among other things, the fourth phase of water!

In addition to interviews with Thomas Cowan in various podcasts, I have also enjoyed listening to his conversations with other individuals in his own podcast; which I highly recommend if you are curious to learn more:

  • In episode 1 he talks with Andy Kaufman about a lot of the aspects that make conventional medicine's foundation highly questionable
  • In episode 3Kelly Brogan shares from her own journey from being an "indoctrinated" conventional psychiatrist, to completely parting with prescription drugs for mental conditions → nutrition, spirituality, breath-work and holistic approaches - in successful treatment of (serious) psychiatric illnesses.
  • When Cowan discuss with Gerald Pollock in episode 6 we are presented with refreshing knowledge from these curious and humble scientists' views - and their continuous quest for new knowledge; contrary to the narrow-minded focus on getting articles published in acknowledged journals in order to live more lucrative lives ... They also address several of the aspects mentioned in Cowan's book about the heart.
  • In the eighth episode, starring Catherine Austin Fitts, they dive into the financial world - with emphasis on modern technology, the tight grip of the elite(s), corruption; but also possible solutions through local initiatives.

In order to truly understand the thoroughness in Dr Thomas Cowan's search for life-nurturing truths about health and wellbeing, I encourage you to read the bio he shares on his website.

One of the most important aspects that Dr Cowan sheds light on is, in my opinion, the fact that germ theory has never been proven! (At least not without cheating/being "creative" with the procedures...) The "germs" are in fact not disease-causing agents. They are present as part of nature's "garbage disposers" when we have damaged or dead tissues in our body; in addition to being vital collaborators, signalling-messengers both inside and outside our bodies - in our interactions with other individuals in our species; and as preventative promoters of balance and health.

Cowan spent 20 years searching for research proving that the prevailing dogmatic theory of microorganisms as disease-causing agents holds true - but could not find any evidence of sufficient quality. E.g.: claiming that polio is caused by a microbe, because of the "proof" from a monkey dying after having a hole drilled into its skull, and the blended spinal chord from a dead child poured into its brain; was not a good enough explanation for Dr Cowan - I must say I agree with him! The coinciding use of arsenic at time, and its possible connection to paralysis and disease among the people affected, is a more logical explanation according to Cowan; and, again, I agree! 

The true causes of disease are, according to Cowan's convincing conclusions (that also make sense on an instinctual level), are toxins in the air; food production; water sources; and infrastructure in our society. He even goes further, and re-names our "immune system" to detox system: as all the symptoms and ailments we are afflicted with (except for mechanical injuries due to e.g. accidents) can be explained as the body's attempts/abilities to expel toxic strains (acute and chronic) - with help from all the microorganisms we collaborate with! (The ones we do not eliminate through pharmaceuticals, poor lifestyle choices and sterility.)

Sayer Ji –

Sayer Ji is the founder of the website - an invaluable source of research, knowledge and references to natural approaches for optimising health and wellbeing.

This man is also one of the many voices being censored, deemed dangerous and harassed this past year - due to his warnings against vaccines; contradictions to what this "pandemic" is about; and promoting natural healing modalities.

I admire Sayer Ji's courage, and that of his colleagues, his wife Kelly Brogan MD being amongst them.

When I find the time I look forward to reading Sayer Ji's book: Regenerate - unlocking your body's radical resilience through the new biology.

To offer some context it is worth mentioning that Sayer Ji was inspired to collect research and knowledge on one platform - greenmedinfo - after having strived to understand both benefits and disadvantages of vaccination: faced with the choice of whether or not to vaccinate his own children. His deep-dives into available research left him horrified by the lacking information communicated to parents today, about harmful effects if vaccines - but also about natural approaches that are suppressed by powerful industries in the world.

He has really become a pillar when it comes to promoting natural medicine - and natural lifestyle!

Antoine Béchamp

To fully understand what is referred to as "germ theory vs. terrain theory", I bought the book Béchamp or Pasteur? A lost chapter in the history of bilogy.

I have read through most of it, and have to say, I am not surprised - though still frustrated - over today's view of germs as the cause of disease: the result of one man's plagiarism of another man's work; and wrongful interpretations of this work's conclusions and ripple effects.

What would the world have looked like today, were it not for the attention-seeking (mediocre) chemist who lured tribute to himself from the elite of those times; but rather a giftet scientist with a medical degree and great perseverance - with no craving for fame and glory - who's great efforts were brought to light?

Bacteria do not swirl around us, waiting for the chance to make us sick. They develop from constituents of our cells when needed or called for by the terrain: to relinquish toxinsbreak down damaged/dead tissueadaptation to unfavourable terrain inside and outside our bodies; and decomposing the bodies of living creatures (animals, humans, plants) no longer alive - for then to build new advanced living creatures anew (whether the body of a human; animal; growth).

A fine-tuned natural cycle!

This coincides nicely with Zach Bush's documentation of bacteria in breast cancer tissue, increasing chances of recovery with their presence; and that combatting these helpers reduce the chances of recovery. The bacteria assist us! We need to focus on detoxing the body; detoxing the environment we live in, the water we drink, the food we eat; strengthening the body through a healthy lifestyle; and not kill of the collaborators nature has provided for us - sustaining all life on our planet!

Did you know that e.g. the trees communicate with each other through signalling molecules sent out from one tree to the surrounding trees? If a tree is entered by insects or fungi to the extent that can cause damage, the tree signals the surrounding trees - communicating the need to prepare: much in the same way humans send out RNA and DNA sequences to the cells in the rest of the body, and surrounding humans, so that we can adapt and prepare for potentially harmful influences? That what we see as harmful viruses, are in fact the body's signalling moecules - like we see in the rest of nature? Or does it make more sense that we are in constant war with nature - the same nature we are created from - that we are a part of???

The fact that we get symptoms when picking up on signals around us - is maybe a part of the body's adjustments? And when we get symptoms without there being any "germ", maybe the reason is actually fluoride from toothpaste (toxic to the body - I have used fluoride-free toothpaste the past decade, and my teeth have not suffered); mercury from fillings; aluminum and remnants of formaldehyde in certain injections; glyphosate from pesticide-sprayed foods; toxins in pollution not trapped by trees and plants in the colder winter months, and thereby render us prone to the yearly "flu" (detox)?

We find references to HippocratesFlorence Nightingale and other researches through history in the book; but the focus is on detailed recollections regarding the works of Antoine Béchamp and Louis Pasteur.

The fact that Hippocrates is considered the father of the art of medicine, should maybe not be connected so strongly with today's conventional medicine; except for the detail of having to swear the Hippocratic oath? Where is the focus on food as medicine and medicine as food; one of the most important focuses promoted by Hippocrates?

Florence Nightingale confirms several of Béchamps observations regarding disease states developing in the body - from within - and not from without; through her numerous years of nursing sick people. She proclaimed that light, air, nutrition, nursing and care was needed for the body to be able to fix itself. This is absolutely in line with Béchamps emphasis on the environment (terrain) as crucial for whether the body sustains healthy balance or not: both the inner and outer environment.

The case for vaccines having no place in a sentence regarding health promotion, is also shed light on in the book. Historical happenings are referenced, e.g. from England: where the introduction of mandatory vaccinations led to a sicker population - not healthier; and where nursing sick people, removed from sources of contaminationpollution and toxins, was the crucial intervention for battling sickness and disease - in areas where not a single vaccine was administered.

Who has written the history? Who has decided what parts of history we are taught - and learn about? Which parts of history is edited out in the general narrative?

This book is an example of how detrimentally awry we navigate - when accepting as truth theories that, at best, can be said to be based on misunderstandings. When we, at the same time, live in a society that seems to focus on shaping us into conformed masses serving the systems and structures we are born into - without asking questions/thinking for ourselves (as we are so comfortable, and or stressed out, that this is not our first inclination) - maybe it is not such a strange thing that changes ("waking up") appears to happen slowly?

Following on from the above, I agree with many voices today: who express that the world situation (especially the past year) is part of, and contributes to, a greater awakening and wish for change in increasingly numerous individuals - where our existence as part of nature will guide us towards a richer future filled with love, abundance, sustainability, regenerative technologies/productions/utilisation of resources; in short, richer lives for each individual here on earth. In my opinion we are living in incredibly exciting times - and I look forward to experiencing the changes taking place in the coming years (decades)!