Reflections on politics, law and health

Are politics and law relevant for natural health?

My short answer: yes

Therefore, I wish to share some thoughts and sources I see as relevant for whether we are able to be - or become - naturally healthy

But, this platform is my very own "echo-chamber", where I write about aspects and themes I care about;

These are in no way claims of absolute truths --- rather an invitation to explore themes that I am interested in, if it resonates with you: you decide!

Are we living as grown-up wo/men? 

Do we take full responsibility for our choices, actions and lives?

If not - why?

Why do so many of us feel hindered, trapped, subdued, limited in our lives: in our dreams, our goals for the present and future?

To me, it has been highly thought-provoking, real-felt, freeing - taking the course Law for Mankind Knowledge Share: which I am now working my way through a second time

The fundamental aspect that the creators of the course direct focus towards, is whether we have learnt - and chosen - to take responsibility for our lives, fully;

Or whether we are merely behaving like children, with parental figures (actual parents, the state, government, legal systems, authorities) that we complain to / give over responsibility to / allow to control us and trespass upon us (do us harm)

This course has invited me to dig deeper into myself, and realise certain truths about me and my life: and was a significant contributing factor to my choice of giving of my time, knowledge, experience and property as a woman - no longer "under" titles (therapist, homoeopath);

To other wo/men (not patients, users, customers, clients)

This to make myself accountable, and make those who choose to engage with me accountable, for our own emotions / thoughts / choices / actions / lives and health

i: the woman; marianne borchgrevink claussen, am not a fictive legal entity - person/homoeopath - i, am a woman who offers homoeopathy resources and guidance

It may seem like mere semantics or insignificant ways of formulating the same thing, but it makes an enormous difference in how i, relate to individuals in my life - including the time and effort that i, devote to what is my work (my creations/contributions/gifts)

If this tickles your curiosity, I warmly recommend the above-mentioned course

I also believe that the freedom that comes with holding ourselves accountable, contributes towards our ability to be/become naturally healthy!

Dr Reiner Fuellmich and the Berlin Corona Committee

Several videos censored from e.g. Youtube and Facebook are shared through other channels, like

I find the work of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, an experienced lawyer licensed in Germany and California (USA), and the Berlin Corona Committee that he was a cofounder of, intriguing;

Here is a video from 17th September, where he summarises findings that the committee have done so far:

It might be difficult to know what to believe and think, when there are such polarising - and credible - sides of the same issue, "out there"!

My approach is then to venture inwards in myself - feel into what is meaningful to me, and seems true. Maybe, for me, it is somewhere in-between? Maybe it is one of the "sides"? Maybe I have my very own experience of what is true and real? Maybe I choose not to relate with it at all - as I see it as irrelevant to my own life experience?

When it comes down to it, I have one true tool that is more important than any other in this play of life I am experiencing on our earth, in human form: namely my body;

This sensing, feeling, energetic, wise - part of nature - with an innate life force that can strengthen me, guide me, give me answers: when I listen to it (and choose to silence [my often distracting] mind)

I belive in a bright, freeing, happy future: at our earth, with nature's innate intelligence, as a guide for changes that so many of us are longing for; but that we first have to go through a clearing / purging of all the murkiness that does not belong in our existence; with the past couple of years as part of an ongoing undressing of what no longer serves us - which will, eventually, have to give way in favour of true freedom and accountable living 

There cannot be much doubt that (health) politics influence which offers and possibilities we have in terms of seeking help for our health and well-being --- especially if the handling of the current "crisis" we have been in the midst of since March 2020 turns out to be directly harmful for all affected parties (that is: all of us!)

What about research?

If we do not find sound basis for something from a research standpoint - there is still a possibility of it existing / being real / being true

If we do not find sound basis for something from a research standpoint - there is no possibility of it existing / being real / being true

Two completely different outlooks! Which of the above claims resonate with you the most? Which of the above claims do you consider to be most prominent in today's society?

A researcher who has taken an interest in the mysteries of homoeopathy, Dr Alexander Tournier, expressed it beautifully (this is how I remember it, not a direct quote):

When there is something we do not understand - something we cannot explain - a true researcher is curious! A true researcher will wonder; continue to seek understanding; keep on investigating;

Not conclude that "there is no way that this can be real/true - none of our current established laws/explanations give room for the possibility of this"

... that said, I wish to share a video that has been censored/removed from Youtube; about how research has become close to being a religion (you must of course decide for yourself whether what Rupert Sheldrake communicates chimes true for you - as with all content you consume; after all, the video is censored by TED's Chris Anderson):

Research is one umbrella for approaches to gain knowledge of phenomena we encounter in our lives;

But to me, it is not superior to my own experience of phenomena I encounter in my life

Cogito ergo sum - I think, therefore I am;

does not ring as true for me as: I feel, therefore I am

My body, emotions, sensations are more real to me - than thoughts that do not necessarily derive from myself and my own experiences;

So, I practice correcting what I allow to steer me in everyday life - I check in, with my emotions and hints from the body, before I allow a thought to lead me down one path or another ... and this helps me to bring myself back to me: back into a body that knows how to keep me naturally healthy! (With accessory tools and approaches that I experience as resonating with me)

Don't get me wrong, science and research are important and useful; but I do not wish for them to override my innate wisdom, intuition and ability to sense the world I live in - to me, science and research are tools I can choose, or not choose, to make use of